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le guishu umami et son badge du 1er prix de l'innovation gastronomique belge, médaille d'or à Hong Kong
Its surprising taste wakes up your senses.
The 5th aroma brings up a tasteful experience to a whole new level!
Red & Black Rice from Camargue
riz noir de camargue utilise dans le guishu
riz rouge utilisé dans la conception du guishu
riz rouge utilisé dans la conception du guishu
riz rouge utilisé dans la conception du guishu
L' Umami
riz noir de camargue utilise dans le guishu
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badge Prix de l'innovation Gastronomique 2018 à Horecatel
le guishu umami a recu la medaille d'or en 2016 lors du international awards a hong kong

15,90 €

13,99 €


Sa robe jaune ambrée à l’aspect « Cognac » est intrigante, épaisse et intense.
Au premier nez, on ressent une certaine powerful aromas, some complexity, some fruity and especially fragrances florales comme le miel et l’osmanthe. Lors du deuxième nez, cette gourmandise olfactive est toujours présente et on y décèle des notes de coco, caramel et zeste d’orange. 

En bouche, l’Umami est une bombe gustative! Il possède beaucoup de saveurs et garde une certaine complexité, de la rondeur et du fruité! Ce que l’on a bien aimé, c’est cette continuité olfactive, que l’on retrouve aussi en bouche. Son côté acidulé façon bonbon « Arlequin » rappelle même des souvenirs d’enfance. Une très belle découverte pour accompagner vos repas et apéros!

Producer:  Olivier Sublett

Origin: Camargue, France

Appellation: Lou Guishou

Type: Semi-Sweet

Grapes: Red Red and Black Rice from Camargue

Alcohol: 12,5%

Size 75cl

Vinification: concassage, brassage, fermentation, maturation et filtration

Serving Temperature 7-10°C

Aging: 3-4 years, 4 weeks after opening

What can I drink it with?

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With Duck meat

A perfect combination discovered by a 2* michelin Chef, Jean Luc Rabanel.

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For starters

With a french "foie gras", semi-cooked or fried.

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With appetizers

Drink it with tapas, dried meat, sausages and cheese.

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Raspberry cakes, 80% dark chocolate and other low sugar desserts.

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une bouteille d'umami et 2 verres lors d'un repas asiatique

The Guishu, a gastronomic innovation with a particular and minimalist design painted by the reknown colorblind artist, Tom Garcia. 

Made from the fermentation of red and black rice from Provence, Camargue, the Guishu Umami is a beverage made of 100% fermented rice. It has a very distinct and attractive color, which can be compared to a Cognac or an Armagnac. The combination of its power and complexity will leave a mark on you, which you will remember! 

This beverage will become your best friend when seeking to surprise your friends and relatives.

Story behind the Guishu

It's the work and imagination of one man,   Olivier Sublett, a professionnal in the wine industry with 30+ years of experience and a proud descendant of a long lineage of wine makers in the region of Saint Emilion, since 1822. Around 2013, Olivier falls in love with the region of Provence, known for its rich and diverse "terroir", its rosé wines and the Camargue rice fields. The origin of the name   Guishu   comes from an old french dialect from provence: "Lou Guichou" meaning "the little tree" in reference to the olive tree (l'olivier), which happens to be his actual name. He then french'ed up the name of Lou Guichou to Le Guishu while keeping some asian sound to it. While in Japan, they have the "   NihonShuu   " (Japaneese saké), we in France have the Guishu. In other words, le Guishu can translates into: "The Saké Tree". 
les Guardians de Camargue sur leur cheveaux marchant dans l'eau

- The Guardians in Camargue, keepers of horses and bulls -

photo des 3 variantes de riz de camargue

- Different species of rice grow in Camargue -

Since 2013, rice is being bought from local rice farmers in the "Camargue National Parc" near a town called "   Le Sambuc  . It's where all the magic happens.  

One thing you must know though: there are many different species of rice that grow in Camargue. To produce the Guishu, they use different types of rice : red, black, white and brown colored rices. Brown and white rice were used to produce both   Le Guishu Assemblage and   Le Guishu Non-filtré

The last Guishu, the most expensive one,   le Guishu Umami   is the result of the fermentation of red and black rice.

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  1. E. Jolly

    Super bon comme vin

  2. J-C Roy


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